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The Management

The Leadership

A New Dawn… A New Approach

The overall leadership of the Deng Institute is vested in the Board of Directors with the following responsibilities by:

  • performing strategic thinking and planning, promote a positive public image, set mission and vision, establish organizational values, approve operational and annual plans,
  • overseeing financial management, minimize exposure to risk, measure progress on strategic plan, monitor programs and services, provide legal and moral oversight, evaluate the Chief Executive Officer, and perform self-evaluation
  • hiring capable executive leadership and provide fiduciary responsibility
  • coordinating and leading various board work groups and task forces, representing the Institute
  • The Chief Executive Officer who sits on the Board is the administrator and head of the Institute, responsible for the day-to-day running of all activities and programs
Our Core Values
  • Creativity:
    Promote creativity and develop great thinkers
  • Research:
    Conduct and promote Research and Development
  • Empowerment:
    Empower people with knowledge and skills
  • Development:
    Promote and support all aspects of development
  • Originality:
    Promote ideas that are unique and rewarding
  • Sustainability:
    Support sustainability and effective service delivery