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About Deng Institute

Who We Are

A New Dawn… A New Approach

Deng Institute is a professional establishment, committed to the cause of improving the wellbeing of the people of South Sudan, through empowerment of people and institutions, especially in this post-independence era, when the newly established nation is faced with numerous challenges.

Deng Institute provides and promotes research and development (R&D) services and operates as a think tank, to create a platform for formulating lasting solutions to the problems faced by South Sudan, as well as, supporting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, by training a generation of young researchers and thinkers, (professionals and amateurs alike) and promoting R&D initiatives in schools and educational institutions.

Deng Institute is also dedicated to developing and supporting the process of establishing an educational curriculum for South Sudan that is suited for the context of the people of South Sudan and the prevailing situation in the Country, in addition to being relevant to the present and future demands of the labor market.

Deng Institute also provides training and consultancy in capacity building and institutional development, to establish strong institutions and ensure that there is proper and sustainable delivery of services to the people of South Sudan at all levels.

Deng Institute is deeply committed to promoting the culture of reading and writing amongst the people of South Sudan, by supporting and funding initiatives inline with this vision and providing writing, publishing and printing services, for all kinds of publications, especially school textbooks and educational materials, as well as, training and supporting South Sudanese writers and authors.

The Deng Institute is one of the bodies established under the Deng Foundation. The Foundation is the umbrella system under which the Institute operates and is responsible for overseeing the management and operations of the Institute.

The Deng Institute also operates in collaboration with various stakeholders, such as government agencies, NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, schools, educational institutions, writers, authors, teachers, researchers, and scholars, to achieve its objectives.

To improve the wellbeing of the people of South Sudan, by supporting the formation of strong institutions, promoting research and development, and empowering people with knowledge and skills.
To carryout research and development, capacity building and curriculum development, support Institutional development and promote the culture of reading and writing through publishing and printing of South Sudan textbooks and writings, in order to empower the people of South Sudan with information and knowledge.