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For several years, the people of South Sudan have been struggling for freedom, justice, and equality, fighting against marginalization and underdevelopment, despite being endowed with plenty of widespread resources.

In the light of the recently attained Independence and the birth of a new Sovereign State, there is need to train and develop researchers and great thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators, who can make use of the abundant resources, that can be exploited and transformed in to valuable goods and services, for the greatest benefit of the people of South Sudan.

However, South Sudan as a new nation, in this postwar era, with yet still some prevailing conflicts in some areas, is faced with numerous challenges, which among other include, socio-economic problems, underdevelopment, lack of infrastructure, insufficient social services, like schools and health facilities, widespread poverty and illiteracy.

These are real problems that need real solutions and practical approaches that can provide reasonable and lasting solutions in the pursuit of the millennium development goals. This underpins the need for research and development, to establish the root cause of these problems and consequently devise practical solutions and remedies.

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There is need to empower the people of South Sudan with information and knowledge, by providing relevant educational and other books/writings, suited particularly for the context of South Sudan, as well as, promoting the culture of reading and writing, which is necessary to combat illiteracy and ignorance.

Additionally, there is need to promote the South Sudanese Identity, especially at this juncture, in the midst of numerous influences from Sudan, East Africa, other neighboring countries and the western world, in order to preserve the cultures and traditions of the people of South Sudan, by writing and documenting oral tradition, folksongs, cultural and historic events, that will formulate the history of the people of South Sudan.

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